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Trinity Reiki Spiritual Ascension Oil

This spiritual ascension oil opens up your Zeal Chakra (AKA The Alta Major), located at the nape of the neck, which is known to be the gateway to all spiritual knowledge. Though considered to be a "minor" chakra unblocking & activating this chakra causes it to begin to operate as a "major" chakra. This can lead to profound spiritual & emotional growth & also will help you tap more strongly into your spiritual gifts.


Sunflower Oil:

Carrier oil used to help deal with and balance out any emotional pain activating this chakra may bring up. 

Lavender Essential Oil:
Used to help purify and balance out this chakra but also as a energetic protection as you activate this chakra.

Clary Sage:
Used to help bring spiritual clarity through this chakra as well as to open you up to your own spiritual gifts.

Rue Essential:
Used for protection purposes as you activate this chakra and also strengthens your ability to tap into your spiritual gifts.

Herkimer Diamond:
Used to help amplify the above ingredients as well as the to speed up the process of activating your zeal chakra. 
In each bottle I have placed three herkimer crystals imbued with my own trinity reiki energy attunement. I have set the intention that this oil assist you in what ever way spirit deems necessary in your ascension process.

You Can Read More About These Ingredients Here:
 Sunflower Essential Oil, Lavender Essential OilClary Sage Essential Oil, Rue Essential Oil, Herkimer Diamond

This Product Is Not FDA Approved.

Directions:  Before Bed Rub Oil Onto Back Of Neck Right Below Hairline  (Where Zeal Chakra Is Located). As This Oil Is Very Potent, Recommended Use Is Once Every 3-4 Weeks To Give Yourself Time To Acclimate To All The Emotional & Mental Shifts That Will Arise As Your Zeal Chakra is Activated & Cleared.

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