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Final Destination: Soulmates (aka Karmic Partners) vs. Twin Flames (aka Divine Counterparts) Part II

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

I think what makes this whole “soulmate” twin flame thing so confusing is that society teaches us that attraction towards a person is about sexual or romantic interest. Attraction is just attraction. If you are in a similar energetic vibration of another soul, you are likely to feel attracted to them. You feel some sense of attraction to your friends because your vibrations or spiritual lessons are similar. You may feel attracted towards the right mentor, the right job, the right car etc.. Whatever tool is currently on the same vibrations as you at the time. Not all these tools have to be utilized. Some are more necessary than others. The more you heal and do the necessary shadow work on yourself the less attracted you will feel toward anything that is not on your truest path. (The attraction energy may even turn to repulsion or distaste if your spirit guides really want you to leave a certain vibration of energy behind.) It’s essentially the equivalence of deciding to take a detour to get to a particular destination instead of staying on the main road.

Karmic partners are the detours. Maybe it’s a scenic route or has some particular stores someone told you about and you just want to stop and browse. Maybe there’s some hobbies or jobs you want to try or an amusement park you just HAVE to go to.

You yourself are the main road you travel down. Taking this main road is of course often the hardest. Especially when you hit roadblocks that require you to wait for them to be removed or maybe you must wait for a bridge to be let down after the ships below have passed. From a 3-D perspective you are pretty much in this car by yourself, possibly with some nice tunes on the radio but it’s just you. The more you awaken spiritually you realize this is just an illusion and you were never actually alone. This will make the main road journey more peaceful and easier for you.

Your divine counterpart is the ultimate destination. Well, this is SOMEWHAT true. It’s more like your twin flame is the only one headed to the exact same destination as you. Other people can exist in the vicinity and maybe even come visit for a time, but this space is just for you and them.

I think it helps to explain what karmic partners are even better if you state it like this: Any person, place, thing, idea, situation, activity, or habit can be a karmic partner. Karmic partners are NOT necessarily bad they are just a tool for soul growth. Depending on where you are in your journey you will begin to understand that it’s an OPTIONAL tool.

Having stated that, understand your divine counterpart can be used as this sort of tool if that is your desire. The runner and chaser cycle that people often speak of is rooted in you choosing your divine counterpart to be that type of tool for you. This is not me placing blame. It can be really hard to fight the intense magnetic pull of your other soul self. Especially as there is a telepathic bond between you, AND you share your chakra system with them. When they are longing for you, you’ll feel it; when they are sad or depressed, you’ll feel it; when they are angry or upset etc.. However, at some point, in your journey you will likely awaken to the fact that you don’t want to experience the imbalanced version of them or yourself that runs in and out of this connection. You want the whole enchilada or nothing at all.

This is where we come back to your drive toward the ultimate meeting place of the balanced and healed versions of you and your divine counterpart. You have all the choice. Are you going to choose to take a detour or are you going to stay on the main road? Be aware that even if you do choose the detour, you will eventually be led back to the main road so there is truly no wrong choice to make and there will always be signs and messages from your divine counterpart to remind you of where you are meant to be headed.



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