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How To Begin Creating Space For Your Twin Flame Connection.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Many of you desire for your twin flame to come toward you but it’s important for you to honestly ask yourself, have you created space for them in your life?

What does creating space for them look like?

First, you must begin to focus on releasing any imbalances from your environment. When I say this I mean people, things, mindsets, habits, etc.. This connection is not like a regular relationship where you can be with that individual and completely ignore any healthy changes you need to make in your life for yourself. You and your divine counterparts first duty to each other is to mirror to one another all the ways in which you need to grow or change to be ready for the balanced version of your relationship with one another.

This connection is about teaching you to put you first. In order to do that you must clear out any imbalances that don’t allow for you to do so. As you do that you create space for your counterpart because you create space for yourself. They are just you. The separation is an illusion. The more you begin to remove those imbalances you will also start to feel the presence of your counterpart’s energy even more strongly. This is because their spiritual energy fills up the space you have created first and their physical self follows when it’s time.

Everything happens in the spiritual world first before it reflects into the physical.

When I speak about creating space it’s not just physically. You must also create space within yourself too so that you and your counterparts energies can merge into one being again.

How do you create space within? You must work on healing your emotional wounds. Things that you may have suppressed for a long time. This inner purging of what you've suppressed makes room for your partners energy to fill you up and vice versa. A lot of times beginning to clear out your physical environment will trigger an inner purge to happen anyway, because the universe is intrinsically diabolical like that.

For example, maybe you have a keepsake from an old partner that you’ve never been able to part with. There are probably certain things that you have not released both good and bad pertaining to that past connection that’s causing you to hold on to it. The more you heal and release those things, it will be easier to let it go.

Creating space will not necessarily be an easy task at first but eventually you will flow into it so well it will become cathartic. This will also bring up the quality of your life as well. That’s the thing about your eternal love connection, Spirit has made it so the only way you can truly have it in any fulfilling way is for you to be fulfilled with yourself first.



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