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(Part II) Important Tip To Come Into Union More Easily With Your Twin Flame.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

This particular step I'm going to discuss can be a tough one. You must begin removing all karmic interference from your environment.

Understand this, you and your counterpart are mirrors of each other. If you have interferences in your environment stopping you guys from coming together they will too. The universe is not going to allow true union to happen until you guys both are able to have a healthy relationship with one another. In order to have that healthy partnership you must remove all the unhealthy problematic things from your life. As you do so your counterpart will too.

One of you just has to be willing to make these moves first and if you are here reading this post that means the universe probably wants it to be you. If that upsets you and you’re saying to yourself “Why does it have to be me first? How is that fair?” please understand this connection is about rising above all human ego and pride. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to feel these things but sitting in those emotions won’t change what has to be done. At the same time dear reader the universe chose you to be first to make these moves for a reason and you can trust that all your willingness to do as it bids you will be enormously rewarded.

Now, what are the problematic karmic interferences that may need to be removed? It can really be anything. Maybe it’s a mother you have allowed to control you and use you in intensely toxic ways. Maybe it’s a job that you hate that doesn’t pay you enough when you know that you’re worth more. Maybe it’s a partner that you’re afraid of leaving because you have so much of your life tied up with them and you know it won’t be an easy task because it will bring a huge emotional fall out. It could even be that you’re living in the wrong city, state, or country for your twin flame connection to thrive. Whatever it is, begin to ask yourself honestly what needs to be removed to create space for this connection. Make a list if it helps and check off the items as you go.

That’s pretty much it for this step. Easier said than done I know, but it’s the only way for you to have a true and healthy union come about with your twin flame.

Note: If you begin to do all these things and you don’t see your counterpart mirroring you right away don’t get discouraged. The mirroring takes time. There are a lot of emotional and energetic moving parts that are taking place behind the scenes as you make these changes, and you may also not see the changes because the universe wants you to focus on finding your twin flame within yourself first. The physical person can be a distraction from doing that and this connection is first and foremost soul based. It will require you to learn to walk by the faith of the truth you feel within yourself and not by the sight of the physical illusion that may not currently be matching up.



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