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Soulmates (aka Karmic Partners) vs. Twin Flames (aka Divine Counterparts) Part I

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The connections that people call a soulmate connection is just a tool known as a karmic partner that is meant to prepare them for their twin flame connection.

When people say you have multiple “soulmates” it’s really that you have multiple karmic partners that you may CHOOSE to have help you in your soul growth process until you reach the point where only your twin flame’s energy vibration is left, because there does come a point when that happens. The reason that I state it as being a choice is that it’s not necessarily that you must choose to be with any karmic partner for your soul growth towards your divine counterpart connection. A lot of times it’s just a much easier (albeit potentially longer) road. I know sometimes it may feel like the pull between you and said karmic partner is just so strong that you have no choice but often its because you are just in the same vibrational place as them at the time with similar spiritual lessons to learn as well as the possibility of you having chosen this person to be your learning partner in past lifetimes. It’s about comfortability that doesn’t necessarily expose you to your most vulnerable places.

Twin flame connections on the other hand are the ultimate divine partner for you. You are literally the same soul in two bodies. Well, the understanding spirit has given me of this bond is that you are two souls that did not split completely giving you an eternal soul tie to one another. This means, no matter what, you are divine partners in every lifetime. Some people believe that only a few of us have a twin flame. Spirit has led me to understand that this is not true. Our creator loves us all equally. We are all amazingly special to it and therefore we are all the same and have the same growth potential. Even if you "remove" the spiritual standpoint, by the laws of physics nothing can exist on the 3-D plane without an equal opposite. You cannot have an “UP” without a “DOWN”, a “LEFT” without a “RIGHT”, or “MASCULINE ENERGY” without “FEMININE ENERGY”. So, for you to experience a 3-D earth reality you must have a divine counterpart that is opposite to you. However, this connection is the most challenging of any love connection you will ever experience and getting to union is not easy, primarily because unlike those karmic partners I mentioned above pretty much all illusion and imbalanced ego understandings must be stripped away for you to come together. This is one reason that people may choose to stay with a karmic partner even when it’s an unfulfilling or unhappy relationship over going the more uncomfortable and more vulnerable road of the divine counterpart connection. I do however firmly believe that if you have come across the term twin flame and have in any way started this journey you are meant to come into union with your counterpart. The universe does nothing without reason and is not needlessly cruel. it would not awaken you to such an intense connection just to have you suffer. Ultimately, it’s up to you and the timelines you decide to move toward how soon that union comes into existence.

So, to sum it all up, the only “soulmate” you have is your twin flame. Every other partner is a karmic lesson that comes into your life to prepare you for the eventuality of union with your divine counterpart. This post is not meant to be a knock to karmic partners they can be a very essential tool to your spiritual growth but, ultimately, they are not meant to be your eternal partner, and after you’ve learned the lessons that you need to with them you will feel the inevitable pull to leave them behind because you’ve grown all you can with them. At this point, they simply become a distraction and a block to any further growth for you. A lot of times this is when your divine counterpart will come in. They may walk into your life at this time to remind you not to get stuck there. Though depending on where you are in your journey it could be another karmic partner that comes to help you move on to the next phase of spiritual growth. At the end of the day, everybody’s spiritual ascension journey is different and tailored specifically to them. It’s up to you to grow in your awareness and trust of your intuition so that you may be guided more easily to your best and highest timeline.



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