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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Since this is my first post, I will just use it to explain what my plans are for this blog. I have no agenda or desire to do anything but be of service to the universe in what I post. Here’s what you should know:

  1. My posts will quite likely be mostly related to awakening your higher perspective understanding of what’s going on in specific situations you may be experiencing as well as speaking about understandings that I feel may be a helpful piece of knowledge that will bring you stronger awareness and clarity about the world around you.

  2. You may find out little tidbits about me through my posts but focus on me is not my goal. It is about bringing you greater awareness of self.

  3. You will probably hear me use these three words Interchangeably “God”, “Spirit”, and “Universe”. They are all the same to me. God says “I am known by many names, even yours.”

  4. Nothing I say here is law. This knowledge comes from my own journey of spiritual growth and what I feel the universe has shown me to be the highest perspective understanding stripped of any unnecessary illusions.

  5. Because my posts are about stripping away illusions and returning to a truth that exists closer to the oneness of our creators’ ultimate divine plan for us, some of what I say may be triggering.

  6. I accept that my messages are not meant for everybody. At the time I am writing this the planet's population has recently hit over 8 billion souls. We are all in different stages of soul growth and soul growth most often is not linear. There is a particular collective of souls that my messages are meant to resonate with and that’s who these messages are for. I trust the universe and their spiritual guides to lead them to these posts if there is something here for them.

With that, dear reader, I say to you welcome and hope that, if you’re meant to, you find something that speaks to you.





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