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Trinity Reiki Consultation

This booking is not just for a tarot reading. 

A Trinity Reiki Consult is where we take a look at the current state of your energy either in general or a specific area of your choosing and speak with your guides about ways in which I can assist you in more expeditiously balancing out your energy/3D environment and also ways in which you may actively begin to create this greater change for yourself. 

Balancing out your energy/3D environment can be related to any particular area you choose whether this is love, finances, leaving survival mode, removing energetic blocks, releasing negative energy etc. Something that may surprise you is how balancing one area may connect to and help you balance out other areas.

My assistance comes in many ways throughout this consult:

1. You receive the benefit of my energy attunement to Trinity Reiki throughout the course of our call which assists you in lifting your own vibration to more balance.
2. I open myself up to be a clear channel for your guides messages to pour forward on how they suggest or encourage you to shift or change your environment.
3. With your permission, as well as your guides permission, I will intuitively create a care package to help assist you in your healing process. This package may include items of my own making (Trinity Reiki charged oil blends, intention candles, bracelets, charms, etc.), carefully selected and energetically charged items (stones/crystals, bracelets, necklaces, charms, elixirs, oil. blends etc.) from a curated list of vendor
s, book suggestions (or specific books included if available). I will also, if necessary, perform specific energy work and more. Your care package and any energy work that I do will be covered under your consult booking fee.

This Is Not A Service That I Recommend You Use More Than Every 3-6 Months As You Must Give The Energy Time & Space To Transform. If You Have Any Follow Up
Questions After Your Consult Please Contact Me During My Tarot Instant Call Hours Or Schedule An Appointment There. If There Is An Issue With Your Care Package Please Contact Me By Email:


Please Click The Button Above To Fill Out In-Take Form Only After You Book Your Session. Thank You! 
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Care Package Sneak Preview!!!

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